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2017 US Open

Game, set, match!

{by alicia} My husband is a tennis fiend, and as such, he follows all the Grand Slams every year. This year was special because he got to live his dream of attending the US Open, and I got to tag along and experience it right along with him.

We spent a couple days in the city before checking into our hotel in Flushing Meadows. Many of the hotels in the area provided a complimentary shuttle that took guests to and from the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, which was incredibly convenient.

The tennis center was amazing. The largest facility in the world of its kind. Upon arrival, we had to get on another shuttle from the parking lot to the courts. Isn’t that nuts? If you took the walk it was six city blocks.

Before we queued up in the world’s longest security line, we had to get a photo op with the Unisphere. It was commissioned as part of the 1964 New York World’s Fair and it’s pretty damn cool.

2017 US OpenInside the grounds we first took a stroll to get our bearings. There are a few larger stadiums, side courts, vendors, and a food village on the premises. ESPN and The Tennis Channel were set up for day-long commentary, and random players would wander through the crowds, which added to the already pulsating energy of opening day.

2017 US Open

There are a variety of tickets you can purchase. Thom wanted to see some of the bigger matches, so we bought seats to Center Court at Arthur Ashe Stadium. Access to other courts is included in the ticket, so we checked those out as well. If I’m being totally honest, the most exciting matches of the day happened there on the side courts. It was also fun to be so close to the action.

Watching all that world-class tennis can build up an appetite, so it was off to the food village. I ate a delicious spicy chicken sandwich from Fuku of David Chang fame. I’m partial to heat, so I didn’t find the spice very blistering. The sandwich comes simply on a soft bun and is topped with pickles and Fuku butter. An excellent lunch.

2017 US Open

Back in the stadium I whetted my whistle on the official drink of the US Open: the Grey Goose Honey Deuce. This is a fabulous blend of vodka, lemonade, Chambord, and is garnished with tennis balls, I mean, balled honey dew. These went down dangerously easy.

Grey Goose Honey Deuce 2017 US Open

We saw three matches at Center Court, but I was mostly excited for Venus’s match. The Williams sisters are about my age, and I basically grew up with their careers (oh hey, Channel One). And say what you want about Serena (cough, John McEnroe), but not only is she the greatest woman player in the world, but at present, the greatest tenniplayer with 23 major titles. You tell ’em, Andy Murray.


2017 US Open 2017 US Open

Venus won, so that was fun. Actually, it was awesome how far many of the American ladies advanced, including Sloane Stephens who ultimately won the women’s title. Watching this kind of athleticism had my husband lining up tennis dates left and right. Me on the other hand, I was just fine sitting on the couch with a honey deuce and binge-watching Netflix. I’m basically the greatest spectator ever.



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