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A Variety of Flavors with BRIO Tuscan Grille

Brio is a trusty staple, after a long day of shopping at Easton or Polaris.So when we were invited to try their new seasonal menu, we jumped at the chance!

Our server was a delight and kept us well stocked in bread baskets because we are ravenous beasts. The crispy flatbreads, piping hot rolls, and butter were worth potentially spoiling our appetites. We are so embarrassing.

The seasonal menu had so many delicious options that we struggled to make a decision. This may have had something to do with constantly having our mouths stuffed full of bread, but who knows for sure. Our patient server checked on us five times before we panicked and picked something. The new menu includes Calamari Fritto Misto, Spicy Shrimp & Egglplant, Peroni Beer-Battered Fish & Chips, Lobster & Black Pepper Shrimp Ravioli, Braised Beef Pappardelle, and Butterscotch Budino. Do you see why we had struggles?

We ordered calamari for our starter because carbs and fried things are our love language. We admired the dining room while we waited.

We also demolished another bread basket like vultures until our appetizer arrived. WELL HELLO. We fought over all those crispy peppers, which were delightfully tart and spicy. We loved the duo of dipping sauces, and couldn’t quite pick our favorite.

For our mains, we ordered fish and chips and the short rib pappardelle. The pasta dish was comforting on a cold day and included rosemary pappardelle, crimini mushrooms, roasted carrots, red onions, and tomato porcini sauce. Our server AKA new best friend brought plenty of malt vinegar to drown the fish and chips. JUST HOW WE LIKE IT. In fact, I think we ended up drowning the table to, in our enthusiasm, but we cleaned that up right quick. Don’t we sound like charming dinner companions?

The Brussels sprout slaw that comes served with the fish and chips was an unexpected twist on a classic dish. Crunchy and well-dressed, it didn’t last long! Altogether, we ate an insane amount of food, but managed to save room for the butterscotch budino. It was an EXCELLENT cap to the meal. We dueled with spoons to get a crack at this. There was a delicious layer of caramel between the pudding and the whipped cream. Insanely good.

Want to try the new Variety of Flavors menu? You’ve got to be quick like a bunny! The promotion ends April 15. Visit Brio for more information.



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