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AMC DINE-IN Easton Town Center

W&W goes to the movies!{by alicia}  Humidity and extreme heat gives me what our friend Autumn calls “heat rage.” I get super cranky, and it’s bad news for everyone. But there is one thing I will leave the house for: an air-conditioned movie theater complete with a summer blockbuster and ICEE (blue raspberry and white cherry swirled, duh).

This post is sponsored by AMC.

As if they were reading my dream journal, AMC Theatres offered us the opportunity to check out a movie on their dime. There are six AMC Theatres in greater Columbus, but we went to the Easton location since it has the Dine-In feature. Plus, we like to shop, so it was a nice excuse to stimulate the economy.

The snack area is basically grab and go, so we loaded up on popcorn, ICEEs, Sour Patch Kids, and M&Ms as a light appetizer. AMC is rolling out AMC Feature Fare to all of its locations this summer, so in addition to the AMC DINE-IN concept, the theater will also feature chicken & waffle sandwiches(!), premium hot dogs, a 1.5 pound pretzel (it’s about the size of a steering wheel) and flatbread pizza. All of these items will be available on the concession side and are not a part of the dine-in experience.

If you like to imbibe before or during your movie there is also a handy MacGuffins bar. It features a full-suite of beverage options.

We skipped the bar this time around because ICEES and Orange Fanta Zero from the magic Coke machine have that kind of effect on us.

The Dine-In theatres are awesome. Every seat is a cushy recliner, and there’s even a handy tray table that pops out over your lap. SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES.

Once you get comfy and are ready to order food, get a refill, or another bag of popcorn it’s as easy as pushing the button next to your seat.

In no time, someone was there to take our food orders. We got a bit of everything! Specifically, the Southwest Chicken Tenders, Pretzel Bites, Caprese Flatbread, Quesadillas, and Fish and Chips. Since it was difficult to take photos in the dark here are some much lovelier images from AMC (total photo credit, obviously).

My husband ordered the chicken fingers, and I snagged a bite of the accompanying cheddar biscuits (which I then stole).

The caprese flatbread came with a little green on top, so I basically ate salad.

And we dipped everything into the delightful cheese sauce that came with the pretzel bites. As one should. 

A great time was had by all, and Wonder Woman lived up to the hype. Afterwards, we took naps because we’re apparently toddlers.

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