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Blogger Brunch with Yokel

{by alicia} This past weekend, I had the pleasure of co-hosting an event with Stella from For The Love Of Cbus and Aslyne of Yokel. Aslyne and I have followed each other on Instagram for ages, and when she suggested grabbing coffee a month or so ago, neither of us knew this meeting would turned into something much bigger.

Companies hire Yokel to act as a welcome wagon to integrate new employees into the city, and Aslyne puts together custom baskets and itineraries for these newcomers. Her hope is to show the best of what Columbus and make these people feel more at home. It’s also her hope that someday Yokel can connect city ambassadors to out-of-towners for a personalized experience (kind of the Uber of tourism). It was during this conversation that the idea of having an event to showcase some of her favorite local businesses came to fruition.

We quickly joined forces with Darista Dips, Planthropy, NatterdoodleCampfire Experience, Balanced Yoga, and Santo Brigadeiro to put on, what I hope, was the first of many Yokel events. Though each person’s story was different, it was uncanny the similarities each woman had in her path to her business.

I’m obviously biased, but this was one of the best blogger events I ever attended. Everything from the amazing food to the fellowship was magical. We kicked the brunch off with coffee and lined up for a crack at the Dip Bar. Did you hear me? DIP BAR.

bloggers-brunch-24-of-40 bloggers-brunch-4-of-40
Dessert was brigadeiros from Santo Brigadeiro. These Brazilian desserts melt in your mouth, and Cris even introduced pumpkin spice for the first time. So basic. So wonderful.

Next up was a mini succulent workshop from Jessie at Planthropy. We learned so much in 20 minutes, and walked away with THE cutest little green friends you’ve ever seen.

bloggers-brunch-26-of-40 bloggers-brunch-28-of-40
Natalie of Natterdoodle provided custom notebooks and a stunning array of prints. You can bet that I’m framing these and adding them to my gallery wall.

We wrapped the day sitting around a campfire where Alexa of Balanced Yoga led us in guided meditation. Once refreshed, we tore into the s’mores bar provided by Amy of Campfire Experience. Can we talk about her amazing setup? I want that teardrop camper in my backyard. Lucky for me (and all of us) the camper can be rented for your own glamping adventure.

bloggers-brunch-32-of-40 bloggers-brunch-31-of-40 bloggers-brunch-36-of-40
Beautiful day and company. We’re so lucky to have this community of creatives in Columbus! Thank you again to everyone who attended and participated, and shout out to Tiffany Stacey who took all of these awesome photos!



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