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Bonifacio Boodle Night + Giveaway

I’ve recently discovered Boodle Night and my world is better for it.
{by alicia} If you’ve never been to Bonifacio for a kamayan feast, you are missing out on one of the coolest, most delicious foodie experiences to be had in Columbus. Every Thursday in lieu of regular dinner, Bonifacio holds Boodle Night and the entire restaurant is set up with piles of delicious food on banana leaves for you to dig right in. For the uninitiated, Kamayan is traditional Filipino-style dining where there are no plates or silverware.

To experience it for yourself, make a reservation–which isn’t required, but strongly recommended. From there you choose from an a la carte menu to build your very own kamayan dinner. The average diner spends around $15 per meal, but prices vary depending on your appetite. My Boodle Night experience was with a zillion other Columbus food bloggers, so we had QUITE the spread.

Bonifacio Boodle Night

But let’s start at the beginning. First, we had to sample all of the delicious cocktails on the menu. You know, for research.

Bonifacio Boodle Night Bonifacio Boodle Night

Verdict: the drinks are not only creative, but delicious. DRINK THEM ALL.

Our table was already laid out with banana leaves, so we watched in awe as a bed of rice (the garlic rice was my jam) was placed across the leaves. Next came fried tofu, veggies, crispy lumpia (Filipino-style spring rolls), and piles of savory meats ranging from pork to chicken to beef. Yes, we were all freaking out.

Bonifacio Boodle Night

I mean, seriously. Look at this:

We ate to bursting and still managed to save room for dessert–ube ice cream sandwiches! You guys, I didn’t know how much I LOVED UBE until this night. It was all so awesome.

Bonifacio Boodle Night

Bonifacio also has an awesome happy hour Tuesday through Friday, 5-7pm, including Boodle Nights. They feature $4 drink specials on Boodle Night, which include Boodle Night-exclusive piña coladas and margaritas, as well as featured Filipino beers and any wells…but if I were you, I’d go straight for the Monster Style Boozy Ube Milkshake.

Bonifacio Boodle Night

Don’t feel overwhelmed if you’re a newbie! The vast majority of their customers have never had Filipino food before, much less presented in Kamayan fashion, so the servers are extremely well-versed in the menu and are more than happy to answer any questions or make any demonstrations. They even demonstrate how to eat balut–a developing bird embryo (usually a duck) that is boiled and eaten from the shell. You adventurous foodies would be all over this!

In honor of its one year anniversary, Bonifacio throwing a HUGE (think 400 people) Kamayan on Saturday, November 18. Proceeds from the event will be going to recognize Filipino WW2 veterans as during the war, Filipino soldiers were instrumental to the Allies’ victory, but promises by the US government were not kept. Many of the vets who had come to America right after the war died without ever being reunited with their families. This issue is deeply personal to Bonficaio since Krizzia’s grandfather was himself a veteran of the war, and his twin brother actually died on the battlefield, so the event is a way to give back.


If you’d like to win two tickets to KamayanFest, it’s as easy as visiting my Instagram, liking the image, and tagging your plus one. The winner will be announced next week.

If you’re antsy and would like to buy tickets, you can do so at the event page here, or if you can’t attend the event but would still like to contribute, a GoFundMe for the veterans set up here.



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