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Burgers and Shakes at The Chopshop

{by alexis} Sometimes, you just crave a really good burger. And let’s be honest — I always crave a thick milkshake. Fortunately for us, we’ve got the Chopshop in town for all your burgers and fries needs! Recently, the genius behind Eating Books asked us to come in and try out their menu with a few other local bloggers, and we were not disappointed.img_3125
Alicia grabbed her signature, overhead shot of our packed table, while I got a little more up-close and personal. And by that I mean I ogled my chocolate and Oreo milkshake.


I went for the Chopshop burger because I’m all over that special sauce, but other folks tried the swiss & shroom burger, and the epic breakfast burger, which features bacon, hash browns and a fried egg! But the milkshakes. Did I mention the milkshakes yet?

chopshop2Tell me you noticed the CAKE mixed in with that pretty pink drink! Alicia ordered the showstopping red velvet milkshake, and somehow we resisted the siren song of an alcoholic add-on. Yes, you read that right — you can order a boozy milkshake alongside your special sauce! Perfect for game day, no? And do you see those mega-sized onion rings?

We also tried their loaded french fries, which were just how I like them — thinly sliced potatoes, but not overdone — and the seasoning set them apart from your run-of-the-mill frites. The Chopshop also offers fancy hot dogs; we haven’t sampled them yet, but that just means we have an excuse to go back.

And speaking of going back, the Chopshop is currently offering a pumpkin pie milkshake to sate that craving for pumpkin and make all your Instagram followers jealous. This bad boy is made with actual pieces of crust and chunks of pie, and has just climbed to the top of our list of things to eat immediately.

If you wander all the way through to the back, you’ll find the Tin Room, a semi-private bar with thematic, decorative tin walls and a private bar. You can rent the room if you want to treat your friends to unlimited milkshakes and cocktails (just make sure I’m on the guest list).

Have you ever wondered what eating with a whole flock of food bloggers looks like? Please join me in the madness.

chopshop5Our group has absolutely no shame. Cheers to the Chop Shop!

The Chopshop is located at 2159 N High Street near campus.



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