Roaming and eating our way through Columbus and beyond.




Modern Map Art

7 months ago

{by alicia} If you're looking for a unique gift or some new wall art look no further.  (more…)


Oak Furniture Land

9 months ago

{by alicia} Since becoming an actual adult (I knew this was happening when teenagers started calling me "ma'am"), I've been slowly replacing my college furniture with more mature items. And although I'm coming to terms with being a so-called grown-up, that doesn't mean I want old-fashioned, boring furniture. (more…)


The BIA Parade of Homes

1 year ago

{by alexis} Since we moved into our house a year ago (a year!), I've been working hard to transform it from a house rented by lazy college students to a house lived in by adults. It's been a slow process, but we're making progress. Last month, the folks at the BIA Parade of Homes reached out to invite us to the neighborhood, and I knew[...]


Styling a Bedroom Reading Nook

2 years ago

{by alexis} We're starting to get serious about decorating our new house (how long do I get to call it our "new house"?). We have this little space in our bedroom that I've been eyeing. It's about nine feet across and just over four feet deep. Our bedroom is my favorite room in the house. It's an addition and has windows covering every wall, so[...]