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Father’s Day Gift Guide 2017

You forgot again, didn’t you?

Don’t worry, W&W is here to save Dad’s day! We know you don’t have tons of time, so we put together a Father’s Day gift guide that caters to our fellow procrastinators. Check out our picks below, and then get shopping! Dad will thank you for it!

father's day gift collage

  • Help Dad enjoy the summer heat with passes to Zoombeezi Bay. He can take his kids, or his buddies, but either way, he’ll thank you. Thrill rides, wave pools, AND beer? Done.
  • Booze is always safe bet, especially when it comes from the local heroes at Watershed Distillery. If he is an amateur bartender, he’ll love the gin and vodka, but if he’s less inclined to do his own mixing, grab him a bottle of the Old Fashioned!
  • Summer time means ice cream, especially considering the tropical heat we’ve been enjoying these last few days! Grab a pint or six of Jeni’s to keep Dad cool.
  • I promise you’ll be the favorite child if you pick up a gift card from 16-Bit Bar + Arcade. I’m betting there’s nothing on Earth he likes more than drinks, video games, and nostalgia.
  • Nothing says DAD more than baseball tickets! Buy him a bunch to enjoy with the family or with his best buddy, but he’s sure to be thrilled with a chance to grab a beer and watch the Clippers game.
  • Okay, we’re a little booze-heavy here over at W&W, but a fancy bottle of Scotch is always a people-pleaser. We’re partial to Oban’s version of this international delight.
  • It may be cliche, but all the dads I know love grilling. Grab a package of Schmidt’s Bahama Mamas (bonus points for going directly to the restaurant) and watch him run out the back door to the deck.
  • Dads are kids at heart, which is why a grown-up toy is always a safe bet. You can head up to a store on rely on Amazon Prime to ship you a drone that will keep Dad entertained for an hour or two.
  • Homage to the rescue! Grab Dad a hip tee or sweatshirt so he can look stylish while supporting his favorite team.

Do we know Dad, or what? You can’t go wrong with anything on this gift guide, so get shopping, and make Dad’s day!



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