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German Village Tour with Columbus City Adventures

We heart German Village.

{by alexis} I know: you’ve heard it before, but get ready to hear it again! Columbus City Adventures reached out to offer us a tour of our choice, and we quickly hopped onto a Sunday afternoon stroll through German Village. As you may remember, constant reader, I lived in German Village for a few years. Naturally, I thought myself an expert. What could they possibly teach me that I didn’t already know?

I’ve never been so pleased to be wrong!

We met up with our tour guide, Logan, in Schiller Park on a very hot Sunday. Can I be honest? Logan was a delight. Not only was he full of German Village facts, but he’s full of personality, too! We spent the walk laughing, asking questions, and enjoying the show he put on as we wandered the cobbled walk.

I want you to go on your own tour, so I’m not going to spoil the fun by sharing all of Logan’s factoids, but I can share some of my favorite parts. We spent a lot of time talking about the origin of German Village and learning about the architecture of the most charming neighborhood in all of Columbus. For once, it was acceptable to stand and stare at the beautiful gardens and the ornately carved lintels.

Honestly, German Village, could you be more charming? I’ll never stop loving the gas lamps and the wrought iron fences.

We walked north from Schiller, almost to Livingston, winding our way through alleys for a unique bit of history. Here’s a fun fact: the sign for the Old Mohawk incorporates a symbol of their most famous (and most feared) dish. Do you see it?

It’s a turtle! Please tell me you’ve sampled the turtle soup for yourself. If you haven’t, don’t be too embarrassed — just get yourself down to GV, pull a stool up to the bar, and face your fears. Really, it’s delicious, and there’s nothing scary about it!

We did manage to stop in front of the newest, fanciest house in all of the Village. I remember dragging Indy by ongoing construction at the St. Mary’s schoolhouse, just to try to peek over the fence. Well the house and the landscaping is done, and it is the stuff of real estate dreams.

Fresh from England and Wales, I was smitten with the bouncing hydrangeas and the artfully maintained swaths of flowers that lined that house. You can’t see much more than this thanks to some seriously constructed security gates, but that won’t stop you from being impressed. I’d love to see the roof top living space, and the manicured gardens in the back some day, but for now just a glimpse at the completed project was enough.

Logan walked us back up Third Street, pointing out a few art pieces, sharing more trivia, and wowing us with the previously unknown history of the Klondike Bar. Alicia was aflutter when he directed us to the various fairy gardens that pepper the Village.

We crossed back into Schiller and got to meet my new favorite statue, the umbrella girl! I’m embarrassed to admit that even after living here for two years, and trotting Indy around Schiller countless times, I’ve never stumbled on this lovely statue. Logan knew all the neighborhood lore, and was patient with our group while we took pictures and yelled with delight.

Shortly after making her acquaintance, we ended our tour back where we started. I can’t tell you how much fun we had! We learned so much about one part of our beloved Columbus, and I’m pretty sure we became best friends with Logan while we were at it! (Logan also leads the German Village Food Tour, if that’s more your style!) I can’t recommend the experience enough.

Columbus City Adventures offers tours of many of Columbus’ distinctive neighborhoods, and not all are walking. They’re even happy to arrange private tours, which would be such fun for a less hangover-centric bachelor/-ette party, or for a large family. Don’t forget to check out Columbus Food Adventures while you’re at it!



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