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Hosting a Garden Party with Bota Box

This post is sponsored by Bota Box.

a tabletop with a charcuterie board and Bota Box wine

We’re continuing with the wine love this week on Wander & Whine! I’ve been wanting to gather with friends to officially welcome summer, and our partnership with Bota Box presented the perfect opportunity! With more than enough vino, Alicia and I gathered our girlfriends in my backyard for a garden party to celebrate the summer solstice and enjoy the longest day of the year.

The weather has been so lovely already, and I’ve spent several days working on the flowers in the front and back of my house. My grandparents were florists, and my parents house has always been flanked in heaping piles of bright petunias in the summer. Naturally, when Joe and I bought our house, I started dreaming of all the places I could stack a flower pot or twelve. So far, this summer has been kind to our backyard garden.

alexis' backyard deck with flowers

It seemed like a perfect setting for our summer solstice garden party! Alicia came over early to help me set up and craft the loveliest charcuterie board I ever did see. And okay, we broke out the wine a bit early, too.

charctuerie board on a counter with bota box wine

Let’s talk about that wine, shall we? I’ve been buying Bota Box forever: there’s a lot to love! The packaging allows you to buy four bottles worth with one box, and keeps it fresh sitting right there on the counter. Gone are the days of wasting half a bottle because you couldn’t finish it in one sitting; enjoy your single glass while making dinner or while indulging in the latest episode of Real Housewives. And that glorious packaging is even made from recycled materials, and produces less waste than the traditional glass packaging.

And don’t think this is your college’s student’s boxed wine; no, this vino is good. I’ve always been partial to the malbec, and this pinot grigio was lovely after chilling for a while in the refrigerator. They’ve also got a rosé I’ve got my eye on, and their riesling is calling my name!

Aside from the never-ending mega box, Bota Box also offers personal-sized mini boxes, like grown-up juice boxes! Throw these in your bag before a hike or a trip to the lake, and make a toast to that view.

After we were happy with our dishes, Alicia and I took our treats outside to enjoy the evening sun, the wine, and the blooms in the company of our girlfriends.

You can throw these boxes anywhere; they’re tough, portable, and did I mention they dispense delicious wine? Considering the wine selection, and the snacks, we had a pretty good spread among the flowers.

There’s nothing better than good friends and a glass or two of wine, but add in the setting sun, a summer breeze, and flowers up to your elbows, and you have a truly memorable evening. Thanks, Bota Box, and cheers!

a glass of white wine in front of petunias



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