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It’s Dinner Thyme

{by alicia} I’m becoming quite the connoisseur of meal prep delivery services.As a result, I feel confident in saying that Dinner Thyme might be the best one of them all.

You know the drill. Fill out your preferences on the site, pick your plan, and get ingredients/recipes delivered to your front door. But here is the difference, and my favorite part: unlike many of these other services, Dinner Thyme does ALL THE PREP. Literally, on the night before your order goes out, a chef is gathering fresh ingredients and doing all the legwork for you.

This is huge. I personally use home meal delivery because I’m so busy, and sometimes the recipes still take up to 50 minutes because of all the washing and chopping and whisking. I’d rather have the ability to eat something delicious with minimal effort and have the bonus of time to spare.

Additionally, Dinner Thyme allows you to select your menu choices for each delivery. I picked the deconstructed lasagna, chicken stir fry, lemon pepper shrimp, and chicken marsala. Loved all of them, but the lemon pepper shrimp was phenomenal. Here it is flirting with a portion of the chicken marsala. (I had the individual meal plan, but I’m greedy, and made two dinners at once.) #noshame

The deconstructed lasagna was also a hit. I paired it with a soft pretzel stick for extra deliciousness.

The chicken stir fry was chock full of bright veggies, Asian noodles, and a lot of flavor. And can I reiterate: THESE MEALS TOOK 10-15 MINUTES. I’m sorry to scream at you, but this has been an absolute game changer. Another perk? There were only a couple dishes to wash. I cannot say enough good things about this, so I implore you to give it a go.

For more information, visit Dinner Thyme’s website to learn how mealtime can be faster, easier, and still delicious.



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