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A Kauai Helicopter Tour with Blue Hawaiian

I’d heard that seeing the islands from the sky is unreal, so we booked a Kauai helicopter tour with Blue Hawaiian.

Listen, Kauai is beautiful from any angle, but when you pull away from shore at 1,500 feet and spin to face the mountains, you’ll cry or swear or both. My research said that Blue Hawaiian was the way to go, and so we went!

We drove into Lihue from the North coast for a morning tour. At check-in, we were weighed to allow the computer to do a weight distribution. For ever tour time, there are three separate helicopters and pilots. Each helicopter carries six guests and the pilot. The computer assigns seating based on the entire party’s specifications. The best seat is in the front, but you won’t be disappointed by any seat in the house.

After check-in, we watched a brief safety lesson, received our seating assignments, and went outside to meet the bright blue birds.

blue hawaiian helicopter

We piled in with Marty, our pilot, and made friends. Here’s the view from the cheap seats in the back!

inside a helicopter

There’s Marty! We wore headsets so he could narrate the journey. There’s a two-way function, so you can press a button to talk, too. After brief introductions, we were off!

view of the airport from a helicopter

You may notice some glare in these pictures. It’s difficult to fully avoid when you shoot through the glass windows, though Blue Hawaiian does offer a tour in a copter without doors to get around it! You can (and should!) minimize the issue by wearing dark colors on your tour. The goober in the front seat didn’t listen to directions, so you may notice it — apologies!

But really, who cares about glare when this is the view!

kauai from a helicopter

kauai from a helicopter

We swooped around the island, checking out Jurassic Falls, the Napali Coast, and the dormant volcano. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the helicopter ride itself. I’m notorious for my extreme distrust of flight turbulence, and I wasn’t sure whether I’d experience motion sickness, but I had no reason to fear. While the trip was mildly bumpy, overall the motion was smooth, natural, and super fun! Besides, you’re not thinking too much about the motion when this lays out before you. Do yourself a favor and click on the photos below to expand them.

kauai shoreline from helicopter kauai from helicopter

Later on in the trip, we popped up over the clouds. The hovering capability of the helicopter allows you to get unbelievably close to the mountainside, and the combination afforded us this beautiful sight.

kauai mountains from a helicopter

Truly, the trip was spectacular. The pilot was friendly, and knowledgeable, and the views were truly astounding. If you spend time anywhere in the islands, I highly recommend Blue Hawaiian for your helicopter ride. I hear the offerings on the other islands are just as outrageous.

Have you ever taken a helicopter tour? Where!

alexis and joe in front of their helicopter

Disclaimer: I received a media discount in exchange for this blog post, but all opinions are my own.



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