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Kayaking Kauai with Outfitters Kauai

We’d seen the island by air, and so it was time to see Kauai by river.

Once we knew we were kayaking Kauai, we quickly found Outfitters Kauai and picked out a (very) easy journey on the Hule’ia River, followed by a brief hike through the forest before pausing for lunch at a small waterfall. On our way back, we even stopped by a rope swing, and took a cold plunge in a jungle pool! It was a wonderful way to see more of the island!

We stayed in a resort in Poipu, so we met up with Elvis, our guide, at the nearby shop. We piled into the van, and made our way out to the small boat dock. Elvis was the bomb. He kept us entertained, informed, and safe all the way through the day. We took an opportunity to pull over to preview the Hule’ia River, and just enjoy the view.

view of river on kauai alexis and joe on kauai

Like my outfit? It’s not my usual look, but we we were going to be in and out of the water all day, so I went for board shorts and sturdy shoes. It was definitely the right call! And really, if we’re talking fashion, let’s just take a moment to enjoy the fact that Joe brought Kelly Kapowski along for the ride.

Anyway, when we got to the small boat harbor, we got a quick lesson from Elvis, shoved our stuff in sturdy dry bags, and boarded our personal boats.

small boat harbor kauai

Before we went, I had coworkers warn me that two-man kayaks were the quickest way to a divorce. While I’m pleased to say Joe and I are still married, I will confirm that we had struggles. I did not approve of his technique, and he did not approve of my pace. Eventually, I was barred altogether from paddling, and got to sit back and the let the motion lull me into a more amicable state of mind. Elvis kept the group together as we traveled, and paused to tell us fascinating facts about the environment, the history of the area, and even a Hawaiian legend or two. Elvis is on the back of the kayak in the picture below. Hi, Elvis!

kayaks on the hule'ia river kayak on the hule'ia river

Soon enough, we pulled up to a bank and secured our kayaks. Rumor has it that Indiana Jones fled the temple just ahead of the giant boulder on these very shores! We never actually ran into many pesky mosquitos, but we were happy to have the bug spray just in case. Our group set off walking single file on a well-marked path, while Elvis again pointed out plants and signs of wild life. I even got to try a coffee cherry! (Yes! Coffee comes from FRUIT!) Once we made it to the falls, Elvis spread out our lunch and we tucked into sandwiches and brownies. Some hungry looking chickens kept a close on eye us, but didn’t prove too aggressive.

lunch at the falls

We had a few moments to poke around the falls and chase a family of tadpoles around the pools. It was a lovely, quiet moment to rest our feet and our arms after the morning’s journey.

falls on kauai  alexis and joe at the falls

On our way back, we passed by a deep jungle pool. One by one, brave souls climbed a makeshift step, grabbed hold of a rope flung over the branch of a large tree, and took a flying leap into the cool water. I was first, of course!

splashing into the jungle pool

Yeah, all you’re getting is the aftermath of my jumps. My first one was fine, and if you’re REALLY nice, I might even share a video of my maiden voyage, but that video is not for the general public. My second swing off the rope was terrible. I suddenly forgot to use my arms, and made a fantastic face-plant right in front of all my new friends. Well, a little embarrassment bonds you, right? RIGHT.

After drying off, we walked back to the banks to find our very own chauffeur! Peggy was there to link up all of the kayaks and load us all into her motorboat. We enjoyed the breeze on the way back, and even the brief Hawaiian rain.

On our drive home, Elvis gave us some excellent suggestions for dinner, which we were wise enough to take. One of the best parts about Hawaii is finding out where everyone is from. The stories of how people get there, how long they’ve dreamed of the islands, is so relate-able, and even brave!

Once we returned, we figured we had earned our first Hawaiian shave ice, and like our kayaking trip with Outfitters Kauai, it more than met our expectations!

shave ice

Disclaimer: While we did receive a media rate on this tour, all opinions are my own.



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