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Landoll’s Mohican Castle

{by alicia} It’s always difficult returning to work after a long holiday weekend.Especially when I got to spend a day and night at Landoll’s Mohican Castle.  I mean, look at this beauty!

Your eyes do not deceive you. There is an actual castle north of Columbus and it is GORGEOUS.

The Castle is in Loudonville, Ohio which is an easy hour and twenty minutes from Columbus. It’s perfect for a staycation and weekend trip. Which is exactly what we did over Memorial Day weekend.

After a quick drive, my husband and I checked in, and walked over to the Hickory Tower to drop our things off in Landoll Suite #11. See those two balconies below? Both of them belong to the suite! Unpictured is the third little balcony facing the front of the castle. This room boasts views from every angle.
The sight heading up the stairs is also photo-worthy.

To get to Suite #11 we headed to the very top of the stairs and popped through a set of doors that opened onto a huge private deck. This suite has plenty of nooks to hang out, a 360 degree view tower, and loads of wonderful little details from the moment you arrive. Everything from the architecture and decor is well thought out–check out that door and gargoyle lantern!
Once inside the suite we were greeted with a cheese plate and wine that was thoughtfully set out. Such a nice welcome!
I couldn’t wait to explore the grounds with a glass of wine, but first we took a tour of our digs. Isn’t it so very Game of Thrones?

Minus the dragons and warring factions of course.

I couldn’t get enough of the breathtaking views from our various balconies–seriously, I couldn’t get over the fact we had three!

Next up was a tour of the sprawling grounds. So lovely and peaceful! Our room was awesome, but we also spent a lot of time outdoors soaking up the tranquility.

There is a cemetery on the premises from the 1800s, so we paid our respects and poked around. If you’re a supernatural buff you will enjoy the ghost tour and walks in September and October. I didn’t see any ghosts (which is good because I am a coward), but Thom had a weird experience in our tower when he noticed something dart by a couple of times in the corner of his eye. Eeeep.

We stumbled across a couple getting married, and I can see why they chose the Castle. It’s ridiculously romantic, secluded, and did I mention beautiful?

I worked up an appetite exploring and had to check out The Copper Mug Bar & Grille. The dinner menu was designed by Gordon Ramsay when the Castle was featured on an episode of Hotel Hell. I’m not sure what it was like before Gordon’s intervention, but I can tell you it’s presently more like heaven than anything else.
Thom and I ordered pasta for dinner, and I loved my alfredo dish. The Copper Mug is also famous for its desserts. Get a slice of deliciousness to go if you’re like me and fill up on dinner. The Castle is also famous for its homemade jam which doubles as the perfect souvenir.

The Castle had everything we needed for a relaxing time so we kicked back and stuck around, but if you want to go offsite, Mohican State Park is a few miles away as is the town to explore…but seriously, why would you ever leave?

The next day we took advantage of the free continental breakfast. We brought a tray back to our room and enjoyed one last moment before we hit the road. I didn’t want to go home!

I had such an amazing time. It was difficult to cope with reality. What do you MEAN I don’t have a spiral staircase and scenic views at my house? Oh well, guess I’ll just have to go back.

The great thing is there are eleven uniquely designed rooms, so you can continue to visit and have a new experience each time. We’re so lucky to have something like this in Ohio, especially if you’re in the mood for something unique that feels worlds away. Thank you so much to the staff and everyone who treated us to an amazing time!

For more information visit Landoll’s Mohican Castle’s website.



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