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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

This weekend is momma’s day, yo!

Were you too engrossed in Handmaid’s Tale to remember a gift for mother’s day? (That would be ironic, wouldn’t it?) We’ll we’ve got you covered. You can grab any one of these gifts below in no time, and show up on Sunday as the bright and shiny favorite child we know you are.

mother's day gift collage

Foodstirs: They say the best gifts are made with your own two hands, so why not whip up a stack of pancakes and let mom sleep in? We sampled the Organic Sunday Stacks Pancake Mix from the modern baking brand Foodstirs, and they were If mom is a foodie she will appreciate the variety of organic mixes that show up each month on her doorstep!

Flowering Bush: Okay, I know, you’re thinking, flowers? Really? But this is DIFFERENT. Run up to your local nursery and buy a flowering bush rather than the traditional bouquet. If she loves fresh flowers as much as we do, she’ll be thrilled with the opportunity to grow and cut her own whenever her heart desires. Bonus points if you get your butt out there this weekend to plant it for her. It’s not really a gift if she has to work for it, is it?

AncestryDNA: If you’re looking for something unique, and bit more personalized, look into an AncestryDNA kit! Alicia got her father one last Christmas and it was a hit with the entire family. Your mom will simply send back a saliva sample and weeks letter she will receive a report breaking down her (and your) genealogy. The site also gives you access to public data that will help you trace your roots. Alicia traced her family back to Ireland in the 1700s and had a blast doing it.

Robotic Vacuum: Traditionally, a vacuum is a lame present, but not when it’s a ROBOT. Ain’t nobody got time to clean, so do your family a favor and get them one! There are even combination vacuum/mop versions if you want to be super helpful.

Coffee Table Book: Yeah, she loves looking at your face all the time, but I’m guessing she’s into other things, too. Let mom travel anywhere in the world from the comfort of her own couch with a huge, gorgeous coffee table book. This also works for decor-obsessed mommas, who spend love to spend a Sunday Instagramming vignettes from the little nooks around your home.

Bookish Mug: Mugs are a useful, but not terribly exciting gift — unless you pick up one of these beauties from Kate Spade for your book-loving mom. Bonus points if you brew a pot yourself!

Jo Malone: These scents from Jo Malone are a proven favorite of every mom everywhere. They are not cheap so steel yourself for check-out counter. But they are well worth the funds; the scents are complex, interesting, and last forever.

Rosé: None of these ideas working for you? A bottle of vino is a great fall-back, and we love to sip on a glass of rosé all summer long. Mom can only be so annoyed at you when she’s a few glasses into the bottle!



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