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Oak Furniture Land

{by alicia} Since becoming an actual adult (I knew this was happening when teenagers started calling me “ma’am”), I’ve been slowly replacing my college furniture with more mature items. And although I’m coming to terms with being a so-called grown-up, that doesn’t mean I want old-fashioned, boring furniture.I was in the midst of looking for a new bed, when I had the opportunity to partner with Oak Furniture Land* to revamp my bedroom with something a bit more modern (and less cheapo looking). I’ve wanted a simple platform bed for years, and was thrilled to find a good selection on their site. After a lot of hemming and hawing (decisions are hard) I decided on the Galway model and counted down the days until it arrived.

Once delivered, it was a snap to put together. My husband and I are not handy AT ALL, and this bed still turned out stable and upright. Every piece was high quality (even the slats!). We didn’t realize how crappy our old bed was until we handled these substantial pieces of wood. This is solid oak, people. I also made the bed for the first time in a month. Adulting is a slow and steady process. Are sequin throw pillows adult? They are now.

The cat certainly approved of her new domain and was quick to show me who this bed actually belonged to. Fine. Take it all. You’re so cute that I can’t stand it.

Altogether, my experience went smoothly, and I was very happy with the final product. Oak Furniture Land isn’t well-known in the US yet, but our cousins across the pond have been ordering from them for over a decade. I was impressed with the material as they don’t use any particle board or veneer (like my old bed, whoops), and the furniture collections include matching pieces for every room of the house. The collection I ordered from is made from natural oak, but if that’s not your jam, there is also rustic oak, painted furniture, mango, and others.

The best part is how affordable it all is! This is made possible because they are not a wholesaler nor do they buy from wholesalers. Instead, they design their own products, cut out the middleman, and sell directly to the public. As I continue to update my furniture, it’s a relief to know I can buy pieces that look more expensive than they actually are. Jinx approves, too.

For more information on Oak Furniture Land and to view the various collections, click here. Latest promotions and discounts can be found here.

*Disclosure: Although I was sent a complimentary sample to review; this is in no way influenced my opinions in this post. 



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