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Sun Basket Organic Meals

{by alicia} As the semester continues in its insanity, I’ve relied even more on prep and food delivery services.  This time I tried Sun Basket, a meal delivery service that prides itself on using organic and sustainably sourced ingredients.Even the box it arrived in was eco-friendly!

Sun Basket See that foam material? It’s used as insulation to keep ingredients cold and is recyclable! My ingredients were tucked into (recyclable) brown paper bags and nicely organized by labels. Meats were housed in a separate area with ice packs and it was all well put together. I went with the three-meal plan for the week and received chicken wings barbacoa with salsa verde, falafel pita pockets with harissa-lemon yogurt, and Kyoto chicken and soba noodle salad. Fancy!

Sun BasketSo here’s the good news and the bad news: your ingredients are fresh fresh fresh. Therefore, I’d advise making your meals as soon as possible. There’s nothing sadder than spoiled produce and dreams of what could have been. I whipped my meals up within five days and didn’t have any trouble with quality control, but it could have been questionable if I let it sit any longer. The nice thing is you can skip a week if you’re going out of town as not to waste food. The point is to make your life easier, not more difficult.

I started with the pita pockets because falafel is my jam. Here’s a small assortment of ingredients from the bag. Chickpeas are unpictured–yes, I made my own falafel patties from scratch!

Sun Basket

This was one of the longer recipes (clocking in at 45 minutes or so), but I daresay it was worth it. Most of the time involved washing and chopping the produce. The falafel was a lot easier to make than I thought it would be, and after prep it was a matter of combining ingredients, frying, and assembling.

Sun Basket

If you’re interested in trying Sun Basket, take a gander at their meal plans to choose between the Classic ($11.49 per serving) or Family option ($9.99 per serving). From there you can customize your recipe preferences IE: Paleo, Gluten-free, Vegetarian and Breakfast options.



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