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Visiting the Chadwick Arboretum and Learning Gardens

{by alexis} Apologies for my absence here lately; we’ve been a little bit busy at home, but I’m back! A week or so ago, Joe, Indy and I were eager for some fresh air. We live in a very walkable bit of Upper Arlington, but we’re a mile or so from any parks and I was craving some greenery. Instead, we drove on campus to the Chadwick Arboretum and Learning Gardens.

Located on the Agricultural Campus, the Learning Gardens are located on the South side of Woody Hayes Drive. There are winding paths and stone trails lined with colorful bushes, trees, and all manner of plants, awash in color — even this late in the fall.

chadwick arboretum and learning gardens chadwick arboretum and learning gardens

Indy enjoyed his walk too! The Learning Gardens also feature rows and rows of flowers. Most things are carefully labeled, in case you are particularly taken with a bloom. Many were past their prime so late in October, but there was still plenty to see. We especially enjoyed the John Peter Minton Rose Garden, which reminded us of the meticulous rose gardens we visited in the United Kingdom over the summer. We also enjoyed the wild look of the Van Fossen Wildflower Garden and the Perennial Garden, and Indy found more than a few interesting scents!

chadwick arboretum and learning gardens

chadwick arboretum and learning gardens chadwick arboretum and learning gardens

We wandered all around the buildings and up and down every path. Afterward, we drove over to campus proper. Indy had never visited the Oval, and we thought he was long overdue! Eventually, we ended up on the back lawn the Honors & Scholars House to enjoy the view over the Browning Amphitheater. The work on Mirror Lake does take away from the scene, but you can still enjoy the look onto Thompson Library.

OSU Honors and Scholars house

We had a lovely, brisk Sunday walk. Campus was quite peaceful, and it’s a lovely place to spend an hour or so outside. Especially on those blustery, autumn days.

chadwick arboretum and learning gardens



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