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How to Whiten Sensitive Teeth at Home with Smile Brilliant

{by alicia} I learned something troubling recently.

All this time I’ve been walking around thinking I had bright, white teeth, BUT I ACTUALLY DID NOT.

My personal system involves a mixture of whatever drugstore whitening strips are on sale, whitening toothpastes, gums, and mouthwash and calling it a day. This does a decent job, but apparently you can level up with custom-fitted whitening trays.

I had the opportunity to try the Smile Brilliant system, and look at the difference.

smile brilliant teeth whitening before and afterThe kit arrives with whitening and desensitizing gels, but before I could use them I had to create a mold of my teeth. This part is easy. You mix the white and blue putties, squish them into the molds, and gently press them against your teeth. Don’t worry if you make a mistake. The kit has extra putty, and if you royally mess up the Smile Brilliant folks will send you more.

teeth whitening Once the impressions are ready, you can ship them in the already postmarked envelope and drop them in the mailbox. The turnover is pretty quick because I received my trays in no time.

I’m always nervous with teeth whitening products because of my sensitive teeth. Some strips leave my mouth a painful mess, but I didn’t have that issue with this system.

teeth whitening Once you have your molds put a thin line of whitening gel in there, pop into your mouth, and carry on with your day. You can actually wear the whitening gel up to three hours. I started with 45 minutes because I was worried about tingly teeth, but it wasn’t an issue. After your treatment, clean off the molds, add some desensitizing gel, and wear for 15 minutes to spare you of any pain. I was able to bump my sessions longer with each wear.

teeth whitening The kits are tailored to your needs, and the price point is based on how many sessions you want. We’re all different, so if sensitivity isn’t an issue, you can order a kit without the desensitizing gel. Once you have your molds you can also replenish your gel supply for as little as $35 compared to $60+ for the same results at the dentist.

Want to win $75 towards your own whitening trays? Visit the giveaway page! A winner will be selected and contacted via email April 30th.

Or, if you’d rather, use the code wanderandwhine to save 10% off your purchase today and be on your way to smile brilliant!

At Home Teeth Whitening Kit

Disclosure: Product was sent complimentary to sample, but all opinions are my own.



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